CDC Vaccine Management System Redesign

In 2015, Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) was awarded funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to redesign its Vaccine Order Management System. As part of this 2-year-long project, STC partnered with my team to plan, coordinate, and conduct multiple rounds of user research, prototyping, and usability testing during the development cycle.

The Situation

Every day, thousands of healthcare providers across the United States order and manage their state and federally supplied vaccines with software created by Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC). In 2015, STC was awarded a contract from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to improve the user experience of this software. STC partnered with JEBCommerce to conduct multiple usability evaluations in the lead up to a major redesign of the Vaccine Order Management System.

Our Solution

Phase 1: Field Visits & Observational Interviews

In order to design the usability tests, we needed to better understand how Vaccine Coordinators and State Administrators use the software. We observed the environments in which they work, how they conduct tasks, and what tools they use to accomplish their goals. The interviews allowed us to identify the highest priority tasks within the software and confirm suspected usability issues.

Phase 2: Prototypes for Recommended Improvements

Based on what we learned in the interviews, we brainstormed possible solutions and designed working prototypes that incorporated our recommended changes to the software.

Phase 3: InPerson & Remote Usability Testing

In the initial rounds of user testing, we asked users to perform tasks on the existing software and the newly created prototypes. The usability issues we observed were rapidly redesigned and retested in the prototypes. Overall, the prototypes demonstrated that our recommended changes were on track to improve task efficiency and usability.

The Outcome

STC has redesigned the Vaccine Order Management System, leveraging the insights gained from usability testing. Notable improvements to the software include:

  • Consistent and intuitive interface
  • Efficient workflows that match users’ expectations
  • Reduced number user errors and improved error feedback
  • Improved user confidence that tasks have been successfully completed

Take a look at the new and improved Vaccine Order Management System!

“You were an excellent partner for us during a major project to rewrite our inventory management application. Your willingness to learn the use cases, go out into the field to interview end users, perform usability testing and collaborate on workflow design moved our product a long way ahead when it comes to user experience.”

Matt Halloran – Product Manager, Scientific Technologies Corporation